Barrier Plus Research Paper Wins Medallion from Coatings Societies International

Professor Joe Keddie, from the University of Surrey, presented results from the Barrier Plus project at the Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Forbund (SLF) Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden in September 2015. His lecture reported insights into the stratification of waterborne coatings and the benefits of surfactant-free latex particles in increasing water barrier resistance of coatings. These results emerged from RTD performed by the teams at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (CNRS) and the University of Surrey as part of the Barrier Plus project.

tmpHis lecture was very well received by the 200 congress delegates, and his lecture was awarded a medallion from Coatings Societies International (CSI) for the Best Technical Paper. CSI is an association of international and national organisations devoted to the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge related to coatings, inks, construction materials and adhesives.

The SLF is the Federation of Scandinavian Paint and Varnish Technologists. It is the parent Nordic association for the four national associations from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.